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Electronic Dental Chairs

Fully automated electrically operated Kavo, (Germany) dental chairs ergonomically designed for both comfort of patient & doctor. High vaccum ‘ durr suction’ modular delivery system over the patient, x-ray with, monitor & satelace(acetron) in built scalar are some of the highlights.
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Digital x- ray unit –RVG

Chair mounted Digital x- ray unit – RVG, with attached monitor for instant viewing & diagnosing. Portable x-ray (ray- scan) machine for ease & comfort of patient.
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Laser Unit for Laser Dental treatments

We use the most advanced laser technology with ‘DOCTOR SMILE’ dental laser, Italy. 'Simpler laser unit' is a complete diode laser with incredible features used in gum surgeries, teeth whitening, bio stimulation, endodontic & etc..
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Complete Implant Surgical and Prosthetic kit

We use, W & H Austria, known for its implant surgical equipment and physiodispenser are used for the best implant treatment procedures & prosthetic rehabilitation.( ref W& H. site)
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World class instruments & equipments are used with best of sterilization techniques for utmost care and comfort of patients.
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Dental Clips or Braces

Dental Clips or Braces are used to align and straighten teeth with regard to a patient's 'bite' and also to improve Dental health. Smile dental's team of orthodontics super specialists has built up a huge reputation in this field and has adopted modern technology to aid them in their work. They have emerged as a highly successful and perhaps the best team of Orthodontics Specialists and have a lot of pioneering work to their name.

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